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Our HDI Seguros Mexican homeowners insurance policies are easy to understand, offer very few deductibles, and take care of the inside and the outside of your home. Our goal at Ride Baja Mexican Insurance is to make this entire process as easy as possible for you, while making sure you get the best coverages possible.

HDI Seguros Mexican Homeowners Insurance Features:

Liability Coverage

No matter where you are, HDI supports you and your family for accidental damages to third parties. This coverage supports you and your family even if you are on vacation outside of Mexico.

Labor Civil Liability Coverage

If you hire someone to work at your house and they cause damage or have an accident during work HDI Seguros has you covered. There is no reason to risk your home or assets when hiring people at your home.

Personal Accident Coverage

If you or a family member has an accident at home and are injured, HDI Seguros will pay up to $100,000 pesos to assist you in medical expenses. This valuable support makes sure you do incur financial strain from medical and emergency bills.

Home Assistance

If you have an emergency at home HDI Seguros is there for you. If you need an emergency plumber, electrician, locksmith, or glass specialist you are covered up to 2 events per year.


Theft is always a major concern to home owners in Mexico. With this coverage, if someone breaks into your home and steals your personal items you are covered. HDI Seguros will even insure cash.

Home Appliance Coverage

HDI Seguros allows you to insure your appliances! If you have a short circuit, explosion, or product failure, HDI will pay to repair or replace that appliance. HDI will also cover damage from errors in the installation process. Also, if your refrigerator fails they will also give you up to $2,000 pesos to replace the contents inside.

Fire/Vandalism Coverage

If you have a fire, explosion, major accident, or vandalism you are covered. This includes the damage to your house and the items inside the house.

Debris Removal

If your home suffers any major damage HDI Seguros offers support in the demolition, removal, cleaning, or hauling of debris from your property. This offering can be used for any earthquake, hurricane, or fire situations.

Glass Window Coverage

Are you concerned about expensive repairs of damaged windows in your house? With the HDI Seguros Mexican homeowners insurance you get all your windows repaired or replaced with only a $500 pesos deductible.

Extraordinary Expenses

If your home us unlivable due to extreme damage from a fire or natural disaster HDI Seguros has you covered. You will get financial support for moving expenses, hotel costs, and storage fees.

Earthquake Coverage

With earthquake coverage your home and personal items are protected from damage caused buy both earthquakes and volcanoes.

Hurricane / Flood / Storm Coverage

Are you worried about damage from a hurricane or large storm? HDI Seguros protects your home and personal items from damage caused by mudslides, hail, frost, hurricane, flood, tsunami, storm, snowfall, or wind storms.