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At Ride Baja Mexican Insurance we understand the importance of having the best Mexican insurance coverage available. We have partnered with HDI Seguros because they have a reputation of offering the highest quality Mexican insurance policies delivered with world class customer service. It is not ok anymore to just have any Mexican insurance policy. You need to have a policy that is backed by a Mexican Insurance provider that will really deliver on their policies.

The truth is having Mexican insurance is the law. U.S. and Canadian insurance policies aren’t recognized in Mexico, and you must purchase a policy from a Mexican insurance carrier before you cross the border. Too often we see people traveling into Mexico with either the wrong policy or not enough coverage. Our #1 goal at Ride Baja Insurance is to insure our customers have the best insurance coverage and the right insurance policy. Anything else is not acceptable. Call us now and let’s make sure your Mexico travels are nothing but a complete success.

We offer the coverage that you can trust. Now you can cross the border with total confidence.

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