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Mexico Tourist Cards (FMM)

  • A FMM or (Forma Migratoria Multiple) is a document allowing any citizen of any country with a passport entry into Mexico.  A stamped FMM is required and mandatory for each traveler and all foreign tourists that enter Mexico.
  • The FMM document is essentially an Entry Immigration Form that details information about your visit to Mexico. The form will obtain your name, nationality, DOB, purpose of visit, destination, and point of entry.
  • The requirement for obtaining an FMM is you must have a valid passport or passport card.
  • To obtain a FMM you have 2 options.  Option 1:  Simply stop at the immigration office (INM) at any border crossing and fill out the paperwork.   Option 2: Fill out the online tourist card (FMM) application and pay online and print it out. If you choose to get it online you still must stop at the border within 30 days and have it stamped.
  • An FMM is free if you are traveling 7 days or less.  More than 7 days the cost is $30.00.  You can obtain a FMM for up to 180 days.
  • You do not have to return the FMM when you cross back into the US and for Baja Norte only you can use the same FMM for multiple entries into Mexico.
  • If you lose your FMM you simply stop at the border and get a new one.  They will not be able to retrieve a card purchased or obtained in the past.

FAQ's about Mexican Tourist Cards (FMM):

Will they ask me for a FMM when I cross the border into Mexico? 

When driving across the border,  Mexican border officials will not ask for FMM's and they will not remind you to obtain one.  When you cross by car it is up to you to stop at the border and get your FMM.  If you are walking across the border they will ask you for your FMM and getting one will be part of the crossing process.  At airports they will also ask you for your FMM and getting one is part of the check-in process.  Obtaining an FMM is legally required and there have been reports of checkpoints in Mexico requesting to see them.

Can my FMM be renewed or extended? 

They do not renew or extend a visitors visas (FMM).  Once your current FMM expires you simply get a new one.  Each FMM will have a start and finish date for you to follow.

What is the process of getting a FMM at the border? 

All border crossings have an JNM office for obtaining your FMM.  You simply park and walk into the office and there will be a desk with agents ready to assist you.  They will have you fill out the FMM application and they will check your passport and stamp your card.  If you are staying longer than 7 days you will be charged a fee.           

Does not having a FMM mean my auto insurance is invalid? 

It is important to realize that not all insurance carriers are the same.  Our top rated carrier HDI Seguros has informed us that they would never deny a claim or not back a policy if a customer failed to get an FMM.   With that being said that does not mean a different Mexican insurance carrier would not use the lack of FMM against you to not pay you on a claim.  We highly encourage all of our customers to follow the Mexican laws and get your FMM online or in person at the border. 

What if I lose my tourist visa card? 

If you lose your FMM don't panic. Simply visit the nearest Mexican INM office and get a new one.  If you are asked for it during your travels let the Mexican official requesting it know that it was lost. Mexican officials understand accidents do happen.  

Isn't there free zones or areas close to the border where a FMM is not required?  

There are no longer any free zones.  A stamped visitors visa (FMM) is required and mandatory for each traveler and all foreign tourists that enter Mexico.   

Does everyone in my car need a FMM or just the driver? 

Each individual crossing the border will need to obtain their own FMM. Each individual will also need to provide their passport.  If you do not have a valid passport you will not be able to get a FMM and you could be denied entry into Mexico. 

How long is my visitors visa good for? 

The paid FMM is valid for up to 180 days and you can enter and exit multiple times.  You never have to return your FMM.  When it expires you can simply throw it away.  The free FMM is valid for 7 days.  When you get your FMM in person the Mexican agent at the border or airport will ask you how many days you will be in Mexico and where you are going.  Usually the agent will give you the # of days you request to cover your trip.  There are reports that 180 day permits are not given out automatically unless you can show you will be in Mexico for that duration.

Do I also need a FMM when I fly? 

A FMM is mandatory when flying to Mexico.  The airline will provide you with a FMM to insure you can travel with no interruption.  Just like driving across you will need to provide a valid passport in order to get the permit.    

I see many websites to buy a FMM online.  Are they safe? 

Be aware there are many fake websites online that claim they are providing FMM's.  There are many reports of people paying these fake sites and having their money taken.  There is only one site we recommend for this transaction. If you are concerned about fraud simply get your FMM in person at any border crossing.  Multiple Immigration Form (FMM) Online   

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