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Are you ready to go fishing in Mexico?  Mexico offers some of the most amazing fishing experiences in the world.  With over 6,000 miles of coastline, and numerous beautiful cities offering fishing services there is no doubt why Mexico is one of the hottest fishing destinations on the planet.   There is simply no shortage of great fishing destinations for you to drive or fly to in Mexico.  

  • If you are going fishing on a boat in Mexico, every individual regardless of age must have a valid fishing license.  It does not matter if you are fishing or just a passenger, you must have a license if on the boat.
  • If you are shore fishing from land you do not need a fishing license.  Grab your fishing pole, tackle, and lunch and head out to the beach.  Some of the most incredible fishing spots in Mexico are the ones where you don't need a boat!
  • You can buy a Mexican fishing license online, at local US tackle shops, in Baja at a tourism office, or directly from a Mexican fishing charter company.  Getting your license is very easy.  We have heard complaints about people failing to be able to buy them in Mexico so we highly recommend buying your license on-line prior to your trip.  This will insure your trip has no hiccups and you are ready to fish.
  • You can buy a Mexican fishing license for one day, one week, one month, and one year.
  • The current cost of a Mexican fishing license is approximately $10.66 per day, $20.87 per week, $29.39 per month, and $37.90 per year.

FAQ's about Mexican Fishing Licenses:

What will I need to get my license? 

Getting your Mexican fishing license is easy.  If you buy it online they will request your personal information, date you want the license to start, # of days you want a license, and then you simply pay with a Visa or Mastercard.  The entire process is fast and easy.  They send you your licenses in minutes to your email to print. 

How many fishing poles can I take on my fishing trip? 

The number of poles you take or the amount of tackle you take depends on the captain and fishing charter you are using.  But when fishing in Mexico only one rod and one line are permitted in the water per person.  

Does my Mexican fishing license allow me to catch any fish I want?

The standard license only allows you to catch fin fish.  All mollusks or crustaceans are prohibited.  All turtles and marine mammals are protected and can not be captured at any time.  It is very important that you are aware of the Mexican fishing regulations and follow them. 

Do I need anything special if I want to take my own boat down to Baja to fish?

There is no problem taking your own fishing boat to Mexico.  Many people trailer their boats across the border and launch them into Mexican waters.  Of course you will still need your fishing license, and you will also need to get auto and boat insurance to cover you while traveling on Mexican roads.   You will also need to get a temporary importation permit if your boat is over 15ft long.  A Temporary Importation Permit costs around $50 and is good for 10 years.  You can buy your boat Temporary Importation Permit  online on the Banjerito website.  

Where can I go to book a fishing trip in Mexico? 

Most fishing charters have websites and Facebook pages to assist you in booking for trip. If you have any trouble due to the language barrier give us a call and we will help you.  At Ride Baja Mexican Insurance our staff is ready to assist you with any booking or reservation assistance. 

Can I just buy my Mexican fishing license from the fishing charter company?

Some Mexican fishing charters will offer this license service.  It is best to verify with the charter that they have the ability to provided you with a valid license prior to arrival.  You do not want to interrupt your trip because of the inability to get a license last minute.  Buy your license online is really your safest and most reliable bet! 

Is it safe to fish in Mexico?

Mexico is full of well established fishing charters with captains that have great reputations.  Many charters have years of reviews and many years of experience.  Do your research and choose a operation that has history and reviews.  Most established Mexican fishing charters will also operate out of areas that are known for tourism and have an established location.  There is no shortage of  information on the web that will assist you in finding a great company to fish with.  

What are some of the top locations in Baja to fish out of?

Baja is loaded with amazing fishing destinations.  You have the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez which are both full of EPIC fishing spots.  It is actually pretty tough to find any coastline in Baja where you can't experience both boat and shore fishing.  You can fly south to Baja Sur and experience amazing fishing out of places like Cabo San Lucas, La Paz, Todos Santos, Los Barrilas, Mag Bay, Loreto, and San Juanico.  You can also drive right across the border and experience many amazing northern fishing spots like San Felipe, Ensenada, San Quintin, San Luis Gonzaga, Bahia De Los Angelas, and Mulege.  

Can I fly to Mexican fishing designations with my pole and tackle? 

All airlines flying to major Mexican fishing designations not only allow you to bring your fishing gear but they also allow you to fly home with your catch.  You will want to contact your chosen airline to get information about their requirements and any extra fees. Most airlines will have weight requirements and they will charge extra fees for over-weight bags and packages.   

Do I need a fishing license to spearfish in Mexico?

Yes you do!   You will need a standard Mexican fishing license. 

If I am in San Diego where can I get a fishing license in person?

You can buy a license at most tackleshops. Fisherman's Landing Tackleshop opens at 4:30am every day.   They are located at 2838 Garrison Street, San Diego, CA 92106.  Phone: 619-221-8506

What are the current bag limits for fishing in Mexican waters? 

Each fisherman is allowed to catch up to 10 fish per day, with no more than 5 fish from a particular species.  Any species of Billfish (Marlin, Sailfish, Swordfish) are 5 points and count as 5 fish.  Tuna, Cabrilla, Wahoo, Yellowtail, Grouper, Rock Fish, Trigger Fish all count as 1.  Only 2 Dorado, Roosterfish, Gulf Grouper and Tarpon can be taken per day. 

Mexico Fishing Regulations:   It is important that you know and follow them! 

  • It is illegal to capture and maintain alive any fish for ornamental purposes.
  • It is prohibited to receive any financial gain from the product obtained through sport fishing.
  • It is prohibited to dump trash, litter or substances that harm the aquatic flora or fauna, whether on lakes, riverbanks, shores or oceanic waters.
  • It is prohibited to collect shells, corals, sea anemones and snails, or to disturb the original ecosystem environment.
  • It is prohibited to practice sport fishing 250 meters or less from swimmers. It is prohibited to use artificial lighting to attract large quantities of fish.
  • It is prohibited to discharge firearms in Mexican waters.
  • Fish caught under a sport fishing license may not be filleted aboard the vessel from which it was caught. It is requested that all unusual activities, occurrences or record catches to be reported to the nearest Oficina de Pesca, or to its representation in San Diego, CA., in order to ensure the preservation of natural resources for the continued enjoyment of all fisherman.

Mexico stands tall as the unrivaled champion of sport fishing destinations, reeling in anglers from around the globe with its irresistible blend of diverse marine life, stunning landscapes, and a fishing culture that's as rich as a chocolate-dipped churro.

With its expansive coastline along the Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea, Mexico offers a smorgasbord of fishing opportunities. From the legendary Marlin and sailfish that dance in the waters off Baja California to the feisty snappers and groupers that call the Caribbean reefs home, Mexico caters to every angler's wildest fishing dreams.

One can't talk about Mexican sport fishing without mentioning the sheer size of the catch. The fish here don't just break records; they shatter them like a piñata at a birthday party. The mighty Blue Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna lurking in Mexican waters are the stuff of angler folklore, giving you stories that you'll recount for generations.

But it's not just about the size; it's the variety that truly sets Mexico apart. The country’s aquatic buffet serves up a feast of species, making every fishing excursion a thrilling exploration. From the intense battles with Mahi-Mahi to the strategic showdowns with Roosterfish, Mexican waters keep anglers on their toes – or should we say, fins?

What truly elevates Mexico's sport fishing experience is the undeniable authenticity of its maritime culture. Local fishermen aren't just guides; they're storytellers, sharing their passion and wisdom like a well-aged tequila. Engaging with their expertise is like tapping into the ancient art of angling, passed down through generations.

So there you have it, amigos. Mexico's claim as the world's finest sport fishing destination isn't just a fisherman's tall tale – it's backed by a sea of diverse species, epic battles, and a fishing culture that's as vibrant as a sunset over the Pacific. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a rookie with a rod, Mexico offers an angling adventure that's the catch of a lifetime.

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