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Baja Toll Roads

  • Currently there are 6 tolls roads in all of Baja California.
  • These toll roads have toll booths with an agent collecting fees.  Fees are excepted in US dollars, pesos, or a pre-paid IAVE pass card.  Toll road fees must be paid in one currency.  Meaning you can not use both pesos and cash as payment (no mixing of currency).
  • Toll Booth Location and Cost: Playas de Tijuana ($38 pesos), Rosarito ($38 pesos), Ensenada/El Sauzal ($42 pesos), Tecate ($80 pesos), El Hongo ($82 pesos), Esperanzas ($118 pesos)
  • If you do not want to pay a toll road fee there are still free roads that give you the ability to get to your destination.
  • In general, toll roads are the most well maintained and safest road types in Mexico

Baja California Toll Road FAQs

What is IAVE? 

IAVE is an electronic system that allows you to use dedicated toll lines at toll booths.  This toll line allows you to drive quickly through the toll booth and the payment is automated.   This automated toll booth is fast and even gives you a discounted rate.  There is no physical transaction using any currency in this line.   The transaction is 100% electronic.

How do I make payments using a IAVE card?

You have 3 options when paying your IAVE card:  Prepaid: Purchase a toll allowance of any amount from $50 to $3,000 pesos to a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card.  


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